Feeler Gauge Solutions for Industry

Eastern Industries is a leading manufacturer of catalog and specialty feeler gage products and solutions. Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma processes have reliably provided customers worldwide with the consistently high value they have come
to trust.

Our success has been achieved by servicing a broad range of customers. Whether world renowned aerospace industries, consumer goods manufacturers, industrial suppliers, service companies, or local job shops, our products help them save time and increase
their profits.

We’ve been manufacturing precision feeler gages since 1965. Through our continuous investments in people, equipment and raw materials, we are able to offer custom feeler gages in an expanding gamut that is on time and at competitive prices.

You know that you increase your production by using the right tool. Don’t struggle with “almost” the right gages. Using the best gages will help you produce more products… faster, easier, and with less variation.

Include a gage when you ship your product, it will aid your customers in correct installation and adjustment, and help keep your after-sales support at expected levels.

Some of the industries we serve:
Aerospace Automotive Transportation Power & Utilities Electronics Textile and Paper Maintenance & Service Machine Tools Defense
Medical Musical Instrument Manufacturers

XF Series of Gauges

Eastern Industries’ Highest Class & Finest Quality Gage Sets.

Gage sets in this class have tighter thickness tolerances and superior workmanship than typical feeler gage sets. Size markings are larger, clearer, and easier to read than any other gage set on the market. XF SERIES gage sets are chosen by professionals worldwide. The fan style case is made from a heavy gauge stainless steel designed to resist the elements. Each XF SERIES gage set comes packaged in a reusable, tough polypropylene case for long lasting protection. All thicknesses are clearly marked on the packaging to save time. Proudly made in the USA.