Feeler Gage Blades & Coils Carbon Steel Metric Sizes

Metric Feeler Gauge Blades and Stock

Carbon Steel Metric Feeler Gages – Style MFB & MFC

When the application calls for metric feeler gages to measure clearances, or shims to accurately set spacing, our true metric sizes get the job done without converting to inches. Our metric feeler gage blades are made of the finest quality high carbon steel which has been fully hardened. This material provides stable accuracy and superior wear resistance with excellent spring tension. All feeler gages are permanently marked with the thickness for easy identification. Each package is also marked with the material type and thickness.

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metric feeler gages
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STYLE – MFB – Metric feeler gages are 300mm (12″) long and are available up to 3mm thick. Each blade is enclosed in a vinyl sleeve with a transparent top for gage identification. Standard packaging is 12 blades per carton for sizes 0.01mm to 1.00mm, and 6 blades per carton for gages over 1.00mm thick. Our cartons are made of a tough polypropylene case for long lasting protection.

STYLE – MFC – Metric feeler gage stock comes in 7.62 meters (25 ft.) long coils and is clearly marked with the thickness every 150mm (6″). Each coil is packaged in a clear plastic storage container that allows you to see how much material is remaining.

NOTE: Coils .50 and up are made upon request.

Thickness Tolerances MFB 12.7mm x 300mm MFC 12.7mm x 7.62 Meters
0.01mm ±0.0015 MFB.01-300SS*1 MFC.01-7.62SS*1
0.02mm ±0.0030 MFB.02-300CS MFC.02-7.62CS
0.03mm ±0.0030 MFB.03-300CS MFC.03-7.62CS
0.04mm ±0.0030 MFB.04-300CS MFC.04-7.62CS
0.05mm ±0.0040 MFB.05-300CS MFC.05-7.62CS
0.06mm ±0.0040 MFB.06-300CS MFC.06-7.62CS
0.07mm ±0.0051 MFB.07-300CS MFC.07-7.62CS
0.08mm ±0.0051 MFB.08-300CS MFC.08-7.62CS
0.09mm ±0.0051 MFB.09-300CS MFC.09-7.62CS
0.10mm ±0.0051 MFB.10-300CS MFC.10-7.62CS
0.13mm ±0.0061 MFB.13-300CS MFC.13-7.62CS
0.15mm ±0.0071 MFB.15-300CS MFC.15-7.62CS
0.18mm ±0.0071 MFB.18-300CS MFC.18-7.62CS
0.20mm ±0.0079 MFB.20-300CS MFC.20-7.62CS
0.25mm ±0.0089 MFB.25-300CS MFC.25-7.62CS
0.30mm ±0.0089 MFB.30-300CS MFC.30-7.62CS
0.35mm ±0.0109 MFB.35-300CS MFC.35-7.62CS
0.40mm ±0.0119 MFB.40-300CS MFC.40-7.62CS
0.45mm< ±0.0119 MFB.45-300CS MFC.45-7.62CS
0.50mm ±0.0127 MFB.50-300CS MFC.50-7.62CS*
0.55mm ±0.0127 MFB.55-300CS MFC.55-7.62CS*
0.60mm ±0.0127 MFB.60-300CS MFC.60-7.62CS*
0.65mm ±0.0127 MFB.65-300CS MFC.65-7.62CS*
0.70mm ±0.0127 MFB.70-300CS MFC.70-7.62CS*
0.75mm ±0.0127 MFB.75-300CS MFC.75-7.62CS*
0.80mm ±0.0127 MFB.80-300CS MFC.80-7.62CS*
0.85mm ±0.0127 MFB.85-300CS MFC.85-7.62CS*
0.90mm ±0.0127 MFB.90-300CS MFC.90-7.62CS*
0.95mm ±0.0127 MFB.95-300CS MFC.95-7.62CS*
1.00mm ±0.0127 MFB1.00-300CS MFC1.00-7.62CS*
1.50mm ±0.0127 MFB1.50-300CS
2.00mm ±0.0127 MFB2.00-300CS
2.50mm ±0.0127 MFB2.50-300CS
3.00mm ±0.0127 MFB3.00-300CS


1 Made from extra full hard 300 series stainless steel.
* Size marked on package only