ABOUT EASTERN GAGE: Feeler Gage Sets and Accessories

Eastern Gage’s full-line of superior quality gages continues to grow with our customer’s needs, while our customized products provide practical solutions to unique situations.

Here’s an overview of the categories of our products:

Feeler Gage Sets

All feeler gage sets feature a metal holder to protect the blades when not in use and consist of many popular styles and sizes. The user can “fan” out the blades for easy selection, and then return the unused gages back into the holder. Each blade is permanently marked with the blade thickness and has smooth rounded edges and ends for comfort and safety.

Metric Taper Gages

Eastern Gage’s taper gages were designed specifically for making quick, accurate readings. Thickness is permanently laser marked. The 100:1 taper allows the thickness to be easily read due to each graduation spaced exactly 1mm apart.

Carbon Steel Metric Feeler Gages

When the application calls for metric gages to measure clearances, or shims to accurately set spacing, our true metric sizes get the job done without converting to inches. Our metric feeler gage blades are made of the finest quality high carbon steel which has been fully hardened for stable accuracy, superior wear resistance, and excellent spring tension.

Stainless Steel Feeler Blades

These blades are made of 300 series stainless steel, a material noted for its outstanding resistance to corrosion. All blades are permanently marked with the thickness.

Stainless Steel Shim Stock

This tool is excellent for cutting into small and odd shaped pieces. It is especially useful for making spring clips, retainers, and washers.

Metric Feeler Gage Sets

All of the blades in our metric feeler gage sets are true metric sizes and made of high carbon steel. All thicknesses are measured in millimeters and sizes are marked on each blade for easy identification. Each gage set comes assembled in a U shaped metal holder to protect the blades when not in use.

Feeler Gage Accessories

Eastern Gage offers a wide assortment of feeler gage accessories, including:

Feeler Gage Handles – Save time by having the right tool close by and ready when you are. Use with any 1/2” (12.7mm) wide gage having a standard 3/16” diameter hole, any length – any thickness! Hold multiple blades together on the same end for on-site customized measuring.

Custom Products

Our wide range of machining capabilities and quality practices allow us to provide much more than just gages. Many of the custom products we manufacture are used as machine components, medical products, hand tools, automotive parts, and aerospace products. Let us help you realize increased production rates by reducing wastes such as waiting, defects, and excessive motion.

Whether you need a small quantity or plan to distribute internationally for private label, we can provide pricing and lead times to meet your demands. Our on-site technicians and fully equipped production facilities can provide you with ideas and methods that work. Contact us today for a custom quote.