Eastern Gage’s Highest Class & Finest Quality Gage Sets.

Ultra High Tolerance Products

When a standard feeler gage won’t measure up, the UHT series of feeler gages are the answer for the most demanding applications. Designed and manufactured with state of the art equipment and processes, UHT series products are put through the most rigorous quality assurance testing protocols using world class metrology. Every gage and gage set in this series have a remarkable thickness tolerance and validated by 100% inspection of each gage to ensure the highest quality available in the world. The measure of perfection starts at Eastern Industries. Proudly made in the United States of America.

Eastern Gage’s Extra Fine Series Quality Gages and Gage Sets

Gages in this class have tighter thickness tolerances than the industry standard and superior workmanship compared to typical feeler gage sets. Size markings are larger, clearer, and easier to read than any other gage set on the market.  Angled feeler gauge sets in the XF SERIES have a fan style case made from heavy gauge stainless steel for easier use and ultimate blade protection while resisting the elements. Each XF SERIES gage set comes packaged in a reusable, tough polypropylene case for long lasting protection. All thicknesses are clearly marked on the packaging to save time. Proudly made in the USA.

General Commercial Products

Gage sets in this class are manufactured to get the job done accurately and efficiently, all products in this series are manufactured to industry standards and priced competitively. Proudly made in the United States of America.