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stainless steel shim stock - us inch
Stainless Steel Shim Stock – Style SH

STYLE SH – 300 series full hard stainless steel. Excellent for cutting into small and odd shaped pieces. Useful for making spring clips, retainers, and washers.

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Thickness SH 6″ x 50″ Rolls Thickness SH 6″ x 50″ Rolls
.0005 SH.0005-6-50SS .008 SH.008-6-50SS
.001 SH.001-6-50SS .009 SH.009-6-50SS
.0015 SH.0015-6-50SS .010 SH.010-6-50SS
.002 SH.002-6-50SS .012 SH.012-6-50SS
.003 SH.003-6-50SS .015 SH.015-6-50SS
.004 SH.004-6-50SS .020 SH.020-6-50SS
.005 SH.005-6-50SS .025 SH.025-6-50SS
.006 SH.006-6-50SS .031 SH.031-6-50SS
.007 SH.007-6-50SS

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